Sinn Féin has moved a long way from it’s roots

A senior source in the Republican movement has commented that: “Sinn Féin has moved a long way from it’s roots, if it were to allow one of it’s members to be President of the ‘Republic’ of Ireland – even if elected.

The Irish Free State was merely renamed as a Republic in 1949, and on a day-to-day basis most people refer to the Southern 26 Counties as a Republic.

However, no Republic has 2nd class citizens, not on the ground of gender, but also not on the ground of religion.

( The sovereign Constitution of 1919 has a similar preamble, but does not have the religious Oath of the 1937 Constitution)

Clearly, only Christians can become President of the State because of the religious oath of office.

While some will argue that this is merely part of the State tradition, the Oath from Article 12.8 clearly discriminates against Irish people who have moved beyond religion. Almost 25% of Irish people are now atheists, Humanists, or others of no religion. This 25% of the voting population are without voice.

The Father of Irish Republicanism, Wolfe Tone, was most clear that all of Catholic, Protestant, and Dissenter were welcome, and all were equal.

Clearly this is not the case with the Dublin administration.

Sinn Féin would be truer to it’s roots were it to support an abstentionist candidate nominated by the IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood) – who founded the original Sinn Féin and were the organisers of the 1916 rising from which the 26-county ‘Republic’ of Ireland claims legitimacy – or to declare that Sinn Féin’s own candidate would refuse to take the discriminatory oath.

If the Irish people were to remember their roots, and to seek to reclaim their sovereignty by electing a Humanist Republican, the side-effect of not taking a religious oath – which a true secular Republican could not do – would be the crippling of the Irish Free State.

As that State is dysfunctional already, it would be best to show that clearly.

This is where Sinn Féin’s tradition would take it, if Mary Lou McDonald were true to the aim of a Republic of Equals.”

Tipperary Health Campaign Only Beginning – Ciara McCormack

Ciara McCormack, Sinn Féin’s General Election Candidate for Tipperary, speaking at the Referendum count centre in Thurles last Saturday, said:

“I would like to thank all those who participated in the campaign to afford Irish women compassionate and comprehensive health care.”

“The people of Tipperary have come out and voiced their opinion in a resounding fashion to repeal the 8th, many people have campaigned for decades on this issue and their enormous contribution has to be recognised.”

“The simple fact is that the constitution was never the place to legislate for the intricacies of individual medical cases and finally this mistake is being corrected, this was primarily a key victory for women’s health in the 26 counties.”

“Tipperary has proven today that we can fight for and enact positive social change, that we can change our county and change it for the better.”

“Now all that energy, passion and commitment most to be put towards all of the other failing mechanisms within our Health and Mental Healthcare system, especially the ongoing Smear test scandal.”

“It is totally unacceptable the predicament that Tipperary women were left to languish in after this scandal broke. Support centres had to be set up from emergency funding from the Irish Cancer Society in Suaimhneas Cancer Support Centre in Nenagh to accommodate women in crisis over fears that they may be next.”

“The callous vote on the Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill [Seanad]2017 on the 8th of November last year most be condemned in the strongest manner. The Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael ‘de facto’ coalition voted to deny HSE patients the legal guarantee to open disclosures by changing the legal text from ‘shall’ make disclosures to ‘may’ make disclosures.”

“All patients within our healthcare system deserve dignity and justice and the highest quality care, the injustice of the 8th has been righted through referendum, it’s about time the architects of the dysfunctional HSE were held to account at the ballot box.”

Sinn Féin calling for a Yes vote

Speaking ahead of the referendum this Friday, Ciara McCormack, Tipperary Sinn Féin’s General Election Candidate said the following:

“The referendum on the 8th Amendment has been a trying and, at times, polarizing campaign. Nonetheless, the difficulties and problems pertaining to the 8th needed to be addressed, having been swept under the carpet for too long.”

“Sinn Féin’s position is clear: the 8th Amendment must go. The constitution is no place to legislate for the intricacies of individual medical cases.”

“We need to ensure compassion and care for those dealing with fatal foetal abnormalities, incest or rape; not have them exiled to Liverpool, as is the status quo. We can’t continue dehumanizing these women, excusing the lack of care available by reducing them to “a small percentage” every Irish woman must have the best health care available to them, especially when at their most vulnerable.”

“The coercion of the 8th Amendment doesn’t work, it is harmful to women. Women’s health can no longer be allowed to decline to the point of no return, where a woman must be classified as dying before appropriate medical interventions can be applied to satisfy the 8th. No longer can our women can be forced under court order to undergo invasive medical procedures against their will. Our women must no longer be reduced to “vessels” in pregnancy.”

“Women must have the right to actively participate and have a voice in their medical care.”

“Between 2012 and 2016, at least 403 women from Tipperary travelled to Britain for an abortion.”

“If we vote No and retain the 8th Amendment these problems will remain. Women will continue to travel abroad; abortion pills will still be readily available; abortion still dangerously non-regulated.”

“The uncertainties of Brexit will risk a whole section of our society left without compassionate healthcare.”

“We must end the criminalization, shaming and exile of our Women.”

“This is why I’m asking you to show solidarity with the women of Ireland, on May 25th vote Yes.”

Dáil votes for amendment to protect children from profiling and marketing online – Ciara McCormack

A Sinn Féin Amendment to ban the commercial exploitation of children’s data has passed in the Dáil today.

The amendment, that was supported by organisations such as the Irish Heart Foundation, was moved by Sinn Féin will see children protected from direct marketing, profiling and data harvesting.

Speaking of this today, McCormack said: “The purpose of the amendment is to restrict the profiling, harvesting, and targeting of children by companies who advertise on social media. This is, I believe, a very important measure to introduce if we truly are to protect children from harmful marketing online.

“Currently, young people are very much exposed to data profiling and targeting, by commercial organisations and businesses. That is something that needs to be tackled, there are very serious risks in this regard, particularly when targeting harmful goods or products, or pushing an agenda which is harmful, such as making young people excessively conscious of their appearance and body.

Ciara McCormack with David Cullinane TD

“Many children will not be aware how their actions online influence the adverts that they see, and will not be aware of the extent to which their data is being gathered, the profile that is being built up on them and the way it is being used to exploit them.

“I do not believe that the capacity for such marketing should supersede the best interests of a child, such as for example in health, given that without the amendment data can be processed and profiled to directly target children online in a very sophisticated way, and this in a country that is set to be one of the most obese in Europe by 2030.

“It is important as legislators we do our utmost to protect children from harm online, and I very much welcome that the Dáil has taken a massive step towards doing exactly that.”


Note: The amendment as passed reads:

“Micro-targeting and profiling of children

30. It shall be an offence under this Act for any company or corporate body to process the personal data of a child as defined by section 29 for the purposes of direct marketing, profiling or micro-targeting. Such an offence shall be punishable by an administrative fine under section 140.”

McCormack calls for mandatory open disclosure

Sinn Féin General Election candidate Ciara McCormack has welcomed the Sinn Féin Dáil motion which calls on the government to legislate for mandatory open disclosure in the HSE.

McCormack also said there are further questions to answer in relation to the cervical check scandal and that the process of accountability needs to continue as more information comes into the public domain.

Speaking in advance of a candle lit vigil held to show support for the women of Ireland who have been let down by the HSE, McCormack said:

“Since the scandal of Cervical Check broke Sinn Féin has advocated for supports for the women and families affected and set out the steps needed to rebuild confidence in the cancer detection process and health care service in general.

“Central to this is accountability and disclosure.

“The government had refused to hold the director general of the HSE to account and failed to introduce mandatory disclosure.

“We have consistently called for those responsible to be held to account.  This process must continue as more information becomes publicity available. There is a role in this for the scoping inquiry established by the government and by the Oireachtas Health and Public Accounts Committees which will meet next week.

“As Health Minister, Leo Varadkar promised to introduce mandatory disclosure but, following advice from the Chief Medical Officer, he decided not to proceed. That was the wrong advice and the wrong decision in 2016 and women affected by the cervical check scandal are paying the cost of that decision.  We now know that the chief medical officer was informed of the cervical check scandal in 2016.

“We need to know the nature of the advice given by the Chief Medical Officer to the then Health Minister, Leo Varadkar and we need to know if it informed by knowledge of the Cervical Check scandals or any other medical scandal.

“Given the failure by governments to introduce mandatory disclosure Sinn Féin will bring forward a Dáil motion, calling on the government to legislate for this before the summer recess. We expect all party and government support for this motion and have a bill in draft form that we will share with the government.

“The government must do right by the women and families affected and they must do right by future generations. The health care system cannot move from one scandal to the next. It is time to put it right. It is time for accountability and mandatory disclosure in the Health Care System is a crucial part of it.”

McCormack supports removal of baptism barrier

Sinn Féin candidate in Tipperary Ciara McCormack has welcomed the Minister for Education’s proposed amendments to the School Admissions Bill.

Speaking today Ciara said: “The school admissions bill has been languishing in Leinster House for a very long time now so the news that the Minister has announced today is very welcome to us.

“In particular, I welcome the amendment which proposes to award the Minister the power to compel schools to open specialised classes within mainstream schools.

Ciara McCormack speaks to TippFM, along with Cllr Martin Browne.

“There is a chronic shortage of places available in Tipperary for children with specialised needs within mainstream schools.

“Some children are travelling up to an hour and a half each way to attend a school which has a class to cater for their needs and the current legislation allows schools to refuse to open a specialised class regardless of need and where funding is available.

“This puts parents under extreme pressure, if their child falls ill or needs collection they must travel to collect their child, siblings are often separated and therapies such as speech and language or occupational therapy are not available if the child attending the unit does not come under the care of the HSE Community Health Organisation in that area.

“The legislation as it is currently is not fit for purpose and creates unnecessary and unfair difficulties for parents.

“Parents should not have to baptise their child simply to secure a school place – something which frequently happens at the moment as children can be refused a place based on religious criteria in primary schools.

“I would like to see these amendments and subsequently the bill receiving the support of both houses of the Oireachtas and the legislation implemented in full without delay.”

2018-05-03-Clonmel-Tipperary’s Fight for Mental Health Services

Crinniú an phobail go léir, gan pholitaíocht, chun caint faoi status seirbhisí meabhairshláinte i dTiobraid Árann. Bhí ar siúl sa Phark Hotel, Cluain Meala, an 3ú Bealtaine.

A cross-community non-political meeting on the state of mental health services in Tipperary was held on May 3rd on the Park Hotel, Clonmel.

Well attended, with just over 200 people from across the county present, the meeting heard some frightening tales of experiences dealing with the under-resourced mental health services in the county.

Le slua mór daoine a bhí ann, chuala an crinniú scéalta mí-sasúil faoi an méid seirbhisí atá le fáil sa gcontae, de réir meabhairshláinte.

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Ciara McCormack selected for Tipperary

Tá íontach áthas ar Sinn Féin Tiobraid Árann a foilsiú gurbh í Ciara McCormack atá roghnaithe mar iarrthóir don céad olltoghcán eile.

Tipperary Sinn Féin are delighted to announce that their candidate in the next General Election will be Ciara McCormack, of Mid-Tipperary.

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Senator Paul Gavan – George Plant Commemoration

The oration by Senator Paul Gavan is available to view here: