Well-meant blasphemy referendum a threat to Republicans

President of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, and of the sovereign Irish Republic, Billy Maguire has said:

“The referendum result on Blasphemy, fundamentally alters the nature of the relationship between the Irish Free State and the Irish Republican Brotherhood; we are considering Our position, and advise that no alteration to the sovereign Constitution has been made.”

The sovereign Constitution was adopted unanimously on January 21st 1919 and remains in effect. It is best known for the 1st Article:

It is worth noting, that as a matter of now easily demonstrable fact, that the State currently known as the Republic of Ireland is not the successor to the revolution of 1916, contrary to what is taught in schools.


Ireland shamed as Government Ministers neglect 7-year old child

As the public disquiet and international storm caused by the mistreatment of an 7-year old child by the ‘Republic’ of Ireland grows, Vera Twomey walks on. She’s walking in hail, rain, and sleet. She’s walking to get medicinal cannabis for her daughter Ava, who has Dravet Syndrome. She’s walking powered by a Mum’s determination to do what’s right for her child.

She has the full support of her family, and everyone she meets on her 200+Km walk in the cold of an Irish Spring. Everyone, that is, except the two Government ministers who should be supporting her at every turn. Those are the Minister for Health (Simon Harris), and the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs (Katherine Zappone). Neither have lifted a finger to help.

Today’s continued walk was from Littleton in County Tipperary to Johnstown, County Kilkenny. Which means that Vera has now walked 138Km for her child.

Children from the local National School in Littleton walked in support of Ava and Vera for the first kilometre of the day’s journey. Along the way she was joined by some public representatives who recognise the increasing public disquiet caused by the extraordinary undertaking of this woman. Vera was also joined by increasing numbers of ordinary citizens who wish to show their solidarity with her. At all times Vera is accompanied by Gino Kenny TD, who has assisted her throughout her ordeal, and who has proposed legislation that could resolve the issue. Vera was also joined today by Ming Flanagan.

There continues to be general silence from the Minister for Health on her request for help. On his statements in the Dáil (the parliament of the ‘Republic’ of Ireland), there is discussion on the correctness of the content, and the impression given by them.

Tomorrow Vera starts from Cullahill in County Kilkenny. In order to reach Dublin by Tuesday, a decision was made to start from that point in order to get to Portlaoise on Saturday; Portlaoise is home to Ireland’s largest prison. That’s the prison to which Vera or her husband Paul could certainly be sent by the State if either of them did what any right-thinking parent would do, and themselves arranged medicinal cannabis to control their daughters seizures.

What Vera wants for 7-year old Ava is perfectly safe, legal, and acceptable in other European states, and on most of the continent of North America and Canada!

Can you come along, take photographs, and share them to *everyone* in your Facebook to raise awareness of what this Mum must do for her child in the face of an uncaring State? Can you share this link or page to others around our planet? Can you do your bit to draw international attention to the shameful conduct of the Southern ‘Republic’ towards one of it’s youngest citizens?

Tomorrows intended route is shown here:

Can you be like the children of Littleton National School and do your part to help a sick 7-year old child?

Or can you send an email to simon.harris@oir.ie to point out how disappointed you are that he has so far not heeded the request of a Mum who just wants her child to be well?

If you’ve already sent an email, then thank you; but have you received a reply? If not… send again and ask why not. Please.

It’s Vera’s concern that if Ava has another major seizure that there could be further permanent damage, or death, as a result. Your clicks and email will help.

Thank you.

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All-island economy ‘pragmatic, principled, achievable’ – Pearse Doherty TD

Speaking in Belfast this morning, Sinn Féin Finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty TD outlined Sinn Féin’s plan for an all-island economy in the context of the challenge of Brexit. Joined by Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, Deputy Doherty said that “this is an unprecedented, if not all but unthinkable, challenge that requires an unprecedented response in terms of making the border less and less relevant”.

The Donegal TD continued:

“For our part, the best approach for facing that challenge is the further development of the all-Ireland economy; a concerted political and civil society campaign to ensure that the north achieves a special status in the EU, and an all-Ireland based infrastructure plan on which a modern all-island economy can prosper and thrive.

“Sinn Féin has produced detailed policies in this regard and for which we seek support from across the island.

“And it’s important to stress that this all-island economy is not some abstract concept; it is pragmatic, it is principled, and it is achievable.

“Businesses and entrepreneurs recognise the value of the all-island economy; through creating jobs, growing their businesses, and by taking advantage of markets on both sides of the border, much can and has already been achieved.

“Sinn Féin rightly believes that the only credible approach is for the north to be designated a special status within the EU, and for the whole island of Ireland to remain within the EU together.”

Sinn Féin calls for referendum to enshrine public ownership of water in the Constitution – Eoin Ó Broin TD

Sinn Féin TD and party spokesperson on water Eoin Ó Broin has called on the government and Fianna Fáil to commit to a referendum to enshrine the public ownership of water in the Constitution

Deputy O Broin was speaking in advance of a Dáil debate this Wednesday on a Bill, co-signed by Right2water TDs, that seeks to retain water ownership in public hands.

The Dublin Mid-West TD said: “In May this year, Sinn Féin used private members time to debate a motion, co-signed by Right2Water TDs, calling on the government to retain water ownership in public hands.

“During the last Dáil term, Sinn Féin published the Thirty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution (No. 3) Bill 2014, which also sought to enshrine the public ownership of water in the Constitution. Our record on this is very clear. Sinn Féin also urged the government to allow the expert commission on water to look at the privatisation issue within its terms of reference.

“However, the narrow terms of reference of the so-called expert Commission on water, as agreed on by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, did not include any commitment to look at any future risk of privatisation or any specific focus on retaining water in public ownership and management

“There is a very real fear out there that Fine Gael want to privatise water services. They claim they don’t so they should demonstrate that by supporting the constitutional amendment brought forward.

“There are also a number of those, now in government, who have in the past supported calls for a referendum on water ownership. In fact, John Halligan’s name is on the Bill this week.

“By the same token, Fianna Fáil cannot use the ongoing deliberations of the so called expert Commission as a valid excuse for voting down the Bill this week. If Fianna Fáil support this Bill it has every chance of moving to the next stage and they will have done the right thing on the issue for once.”