There’s a mistake with the blasphemy referendum and Michael D. didn’t spot it

Republican and Brehon Fachtna Roe has said: “There’s a problem with the referendum on Blasphemy and Michael D. Higgins didn’t spot it.”

“The public debate and discourse has been about blasphemy, which has a long list of meanings and things which can offended. But as it’s the Irish language version of the constitution that takes precedence the Irish language word must be examined. This is diamhasla, a much tighter definition, meaning only insulting god (dia (god) + masla (insult)).”

“The words are not the same, and the meanings of the words are not the same. There has been no discussion about this difference. As protector of the 1937 constitution, Michael D. Higgins has failed.”

‘Blasphemy’ has a longer list of things that can be offended than has ‘diamhasla’. The words are not the same. Tá liosta níos faide de na rudaí ar feidir leat ‘blaisféim’ i gcoinne i mBéarla na i nGaeilge. Níl na focail mar an gcéanna.
Tá liosta níos faide de na rudaí ar feidir leat ‘blaisféim’ i gcoinne i mBéarla na i nGaeilge. Níl na focail mar an gcéanna. ‘Blasphemy’ has a longer list of things that can be offended than has ‘diamhasla’. The words are not the same.

“The ultimate insult (in a legal context) is the  denial of the existence of a god, or of God. What is significant is that denial is a pre-requisite to denying the Irish people their sovereignty as it is “under God” that such sovereignty exists. That’s a problem when Brexit is is imminent.”

“There is an Act that outlines what ‘blasphemy’ is, the definition for the Irish language version is a direct translation from English to Irish. As that then lays the English meaning on top of the Irish version, that  in turn contravenes the principle that it’s the Irish language that takes precedence and such Act is therefore itself unconstitutional.”

“This isn’t the first time that President Higgins missed the point. He previously signed the legislative instrument that sought to privatise the water supply of the nation. This is unsurprising as he also took the Oath of office despite personal beliefs.”

“The significance of something as seemingly minor as this is as important as the change to the polarity of your world view as believing god not to be male, but female. A small difference seemingly, but now the polarity of every thing changes and the world is seen more clearly.”

“At a very minimum, this referendum is unsafe, so I shall change my vote from ‘yes’ to ‘no’ until the question is resolved.”

Nazi-esque Casey and modern Ireland: a choice must be made

A senior Republican source has said: “The southern ‘Republic’ sank to new depths when Peter Casey made his comments about the Irish Travelling community. The comments are bad enough, but the public response has been nazi-esque. Now a choice really, really, needs to be made.”

“All Republicans respect all people, as equals. Real respect, ‘meas’ mar a cuirtear as i nGaeilge. But the Irish word translates better as ‘a sense of the worth of someone’. That’s a better translation. It’s clear that Peter knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing, if he wishes to step upwards on the backs of others. Which is what he’s doing. He’s using hate as leverage to step ahead of others.

“But the depths fallen to are not the words of Casey, as he’s just one of the rich guys who have a bet on to see who can get the most votes. For them, the election is just a lark, a toy to play with for a while to mop up some of the disaffected ‘anyone but Michael D’ vote that might otherwise go to the only Republican in the race.

“The depths fallen to are by the majority of the respondents to the media, who have been supportive of blatant racism against the non-settled Irish.

“Now might be a good time for the Irish people to look around them and to realise that with foreign wars coming soon, we cannot keep them off the island if we ourselves select as Uachtarán the sort of right-wing person that is Casey.

“This island must save itself from the danger Western industrialised society poses to itself by choosing the least war-like of the candidates. It must choose the candidate who would risk alienating some of their friends to show empathy with some of their ‘enemies’.

“The Irish way has never been about squares and rectangles and straight lines. The Irish way has always been the more rounded and softer shape, the circle. The social-circle. The stone-circle.

“Muna bhfuil aon Éireannaigh fágtha anois?

“Cinnte go bhfuil a lán Sásanaigh in aiteanna airde.

“Ach is muidne mar Éireannaigh atá ag votáil ar an Aoine ag teacht.

“Best to choose the most naturally Irish person we have as Uachtarán, agus cinnte – níl sin Peter Casey.

The landlord classes: “they haven’t gone away, you know”

A senior source in the Republican Movement has said “We thank Peter Casey, candidate in the election for the Presidency of the Irish Free State, for reminding us of the importance of this election as that State struggles to survive Brexit.”

“In expressing the uafásach views of the comfortable landlord class, but directing those at the travelling community, he also reminds us of our history and the death and destruction that such property ownership views ultimately lead to.”

“Nuair a bhí eirí-amach sa bhlian 1848 i dTiobraid Árann cad ar creid daoine cosúil le Peter faoi ‘property’ ag an am sin? Mar tá Peter ag rá an rud céanna a dúirt na tiarna talúin sna bliainta nach raibh prataí na bia ar bith le fáil. Cuirtear ‘gorta’ ar sin, ach deireann an stair scéal eile. Ag an am sin, bhí na tiarna talún ag gearán faoi muintir na h-Éireann mar “basically people camping in someone else’s land”. It might be entertaining to hear Peter’s views on that, though the entertainment may lie in picking apart his knowledge and understanding of our history.”

“When you say “basically people camping in someone else’s land” of anyone, you place the person below the soil in your world view. Yes, someone holds a piece of paper that says they ‘own’ that land in the English system; but the Irish person camping on that land holds their heritage and their heart within them; the person camping on that land lives, but the piece of paper does not.”

“Anyone who camps on the foreshore or in a field during the summer holiday is also “basically people camping in someone else’s land”. As long as care is taken of the locality, and respect shown for the land upon which we walk, there is no need for complaint.”

“The position of the IRB with respect to the comfortable and landlord classes is: “they haven’t gone away, you know”.

“Beidh siad anseo agus ar barr muid go dtí go bhfuil Uachtarán macánta don Phoblacht, agus an Phoblacht ar ais freisin.”

An slí ceart ar aghaidh – Gaeilge chun tosáigh

A senior source in the Republican movement has said: “Tá sí soléir cad í an slí ceart ar aghaidh. Caithfimid balance a fháil ar an saol atá again ar an domhann seo. Ní ach mbád sa spás í.”

“Táimd ag seoladh go léir ar an mbád ach tá seans mór go bhfuilmid chun an bað a bhriseadh. Ní bheidh bua ag éinne tar éis capsize.”

The Normans didn’t come here because of a marital row, any more than they came for the fishing. Castles were the air-craft carriers of their day.

“Féach ar fadhbanna ár dtimpeallacht, agus global warming ar súil faoi lán luas. Féach an easnamh balance idir saibhir agus bocht. Ni bhuntaiste do muintir saibhir é sin. Ta siad ag seasamh ar cnoc mór nach bhfuil isteach ann ach daoine bocht. Mar sand-dune atá ró-mhór, an t-áon rud atá cinnte ná go dtitfidh an méad go léir, cé nach bhfuil fhios an ám. Is féidir rud a dhéanamh faoi anois, nó tabhair an job go dtí ár bpáistí.”

“Agus tá rud a bhféidir linn déanamh faoi anois.”

“Tagann dualgas leis an Gaeilge. Mar sin an seán-seán-seán thuiscint ár daonnachas. In the Irish language we have the most ancient of our understanding of this world upon which we live.”

“Our language is in danger. Má tá sí i mbaol táimid i mbaol.”

“A language is a way of viewing the world. It is a way of comprehending and explaining things and of communicating emotion. But before we do all other things in a language, first we reason in it. That’s why the Irish language is so important to the world. Sí teanga na gCeannasaigh.”

“It’s why the Romans sent the English here.”

“Tagann Ceannasachas mar dualgas Gaeilge”.

The 100 year Free State experiment has failed: The election should become a referendum


A senior source has in the Republican movement has said: “The nearly 100 year experiment of the Irish Free State has failed. This is obvious from the repeated and successive failures of the organs of that State.”
“There is presently talk about a General Election arising out of the recent budget; a few pieces of paper either side of a line or a little instability in a working arrangement isn’t sufficient reason for that.”
“What is sufficient reason, but which has passed with no effective action is the successive failures of the functions of the State. Education, the most important of all because from it comes our next generation is in the hands of a discredited foreign power. Health, by which we keep our next and our retired generations well is dysfunctional. The banking sector, through which the State regulates commerce, and which we all depend upon continues to be reviled. The military which we rely upon in times of emergency cannot get recruits with sufficient health and education for the job. The Garda Síochána, once one of our greatest gems, and in which we rightly had immeasurable pride, is demonstrably corrupted with now a head of the organisation who cannot think or speak in our native tongue.”
“Homeless people die on our streets of cold and hunger, and parents have to walk 260Km for medicine for their children.”
“How we came to this pass is the result of a lie. Each and every one of us knows what happens arising from a lie. The lie festers, and no good can come of it. All around it starts to fester until something has to give.”
“So too with the birth of the Irish Free State. It has traded as the “Republic” of Ireland since 1949, but is still at heart the Free State. The discriminatory oath for President demonstrates that.”
“Any journalist worth two pennies will ask Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Tánaiste Simon Coveney about the 1927 court decision in New York County that found that the “Irish Free State is not the successor of the revolutionary organisation known as Dáil Éireann”. Guaranty Safe Deposit Co vs the Irish Free State is where the truth lies.”
“December 14th is the day to hold a General Election, coming exactly 100 years to the day after the 1918 elections. Let it be a referendum on whether any of our aspirations of 100 years ago have been met.”
“On December, having waited for almost 100 years, the IRB call for a referendum on whether the decision made in good faith, but with poor foresight, by our predecessors should stand.”
“As Brexit looms, this becomes imperative anyway”.


Sinn Féin has moved a long way from it’s roots

A senior source in the Republican movement has commented that: “Sinn Féin has moved a long way from it’s roots, if it were to allow one of it’s members to be President of the ‘Republic’ of Ireland – even if elected.

The Irish Free State was merely renamed as a Republic in 1949, and on a day-to-day basis most people refer to the Southern 26 Counties as a Republic.

However, no Republic has 2nd class citizens, not on the ground of gender, but also not on the ground of religion.

( The sovereign Constitution of 1919 has a similar preamble, but does not have the religious Oath of the 1937 Constitution)

Clearly, only Christians can become President of the State because of the religious oath of office.

While some will argue that this is merely part of the State tradition, the Oath from Article 12.8 clearly discriminates against Irish people who have moved beyond religion. Almost 25% of Irish people are now atheists, Humanists, or others of no religion. This 25% of the voting population are without voice.

The Father of Irish Republicanism, Wolfe Tone, was most clear that all of Catholic, Protestant, and Dissenter were welcome, and all were equal.

Clearly this is not the case with the Dublin administration.

Sinn Féin would be truer to it’s roots were it to support an abstentionist candidate nominated by the IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood) – who founded the original Sinn Féin and were the organisers of the 1916 rising from which the 26-county ‘Republic’ of Ireland claims legitimacy – or to declare that Sinn Féin’s own candidate would refuse to take the discriminatory oath.

If the Irish people were to remember their roots, and to seek to reclaim their sovereignty by electing a Humanist Republican, the side-effect of not taking a religious oath – which a true secular Republican could not do – would be the crippling of the Irish Free State.

As that State is dysfunctional already, it would be best to show that clearly.

This is where Sinn Féin’s tradition would take it, if Mary Lou McDonald were true to the aim of a Republic of Equals.”

Sinn Féin calling for a Yes vote

Speaking ahead of the referendum this Friday, Ciara McCormack, Tipperary Sinn Féin’s General Election Candidate said the following:

“The referendum on the 8th Amendment has been a trying and, at times, polarizing campaign. Nonetheless, the difficulties and problems pertaining to the 8th needed to be addressed, having been swept under the carpet for too long.”

“Sinn Féin’s position is clear: the 8th Amendment must go. The constitution is no place to legislate for the intricacies of individual medical cases.”

“We need to ensure compassion and care for those dealing with fatal foetal abnormalities, incest or rape; not have them exiled to Liverpool, as is the status quo. We can’t continue dehumanizing these women, excusing the lack of care available by reducing them to “a small percentage” every Irish woman must have the best health care available to them, especially when at their most vulnerable.”

“The coercion of the 8th Amendment doesn’t work, it is harmful to women. Women’s health can no longer be allowed to decline to the point of no return, where a woman must be classified as dying before appropriate medical interventions can be applied to satisfy the 8th. No longer can our women can be forced under court order to undergo invasive medical procedures against their will. Our women must no longer be reduced to “vessels” in pregnancy.”

“Women must have the right to actively participate and have a voice in their medical care.”

“Between 2012 and 2016, at least 403 women from Tipperary travelled to Britain for an abortion.”

“If we vote No and retain the 8th Amendment these problems will remain. Women will continue to travel abroad; abortion pills will still be readily available; abortion still dangerously non-regulated.”

“The uncertainties of Brexit will risk a whole section of our society left without compassionate healthcare.”

“We must end the criminalization, shaming and exile of our Women.”

“This is why I’m asking you to show solidarity with the women of Ireland, on May 25th vote Yes.”

McCormack supports removal of baptism barrier

Sinn Féin candidate in Tipperary Ciara McCormack has welcomed the Minister for Education’s proposed amendments to the School Admissions Bill.

Speaking today Ciara said: “The school admissions bill has been languishing in Leinster House for a very long time now so the news that the Minister has announced today is very welcome to us.

“In particular, I welcome the amendment which proposes to award the Minister the power to compel schools to open specialised classes within mainstream schools.

Ciara McCormack speaks to TippFM, along with Cllr Martin Browne.

“There is a chronic shortage of places available in Tipperary for children with specialised needs within mainstream schools.

“Some children are travelling up to an hour and a half each way to attend a school which has a class to cater for their needs and the current legislation allows schools to refuse to open a specialised class regardless of need and where funding is available.

“This puts parents under extreme pressure, if their child falls ill or needs collection they must travel to collect their child, siblings are often separated and therapies such as speech and language or occupational therapy are not available if the child attending the unit does not come under the care of the HSE Community Health Organisation in that area.

“The legislation as it is currently is not fit for purpose and creates unnecessary and unfair difficulties for parents.

“Parents should not have to baptise their child simply to secure a school place – something which frequently happens at the moment as children can be refused a place based on religious criteria in primary schools.

“I would like to see these amendments and subsequently the bill receiving the support of both houses of the Oireachtas and the legislation implemented in full without delay.”

2017-12-02-Ava Barry returns to Cork

After 2 years of campaigning for her daughter’s right to have access to medicinal cannabis, Vera Twomey finally displayed the licence for which she campaigned. She showed it as she, Ava, and partner Paul returned via Cork Airport from Holland on Saturday December 2nd, 2017.

Ava was in The Hague for medical care – which could easily have been provided on this island – since June, making Ava a very young (now 8 years old) medical exile.

The return of the family was eagerly awaited once it became known that the licence was to be issued. The announcement of this was made only the previous Tuesday, shortly after Minister for Health Simon Harris was made aware that the question of how young Ava Barry was abandoned by the southern ‘Republic’ could threaten his reelection.

However, young Ava has a mother of such strength and fortitude that being abandoned by the State was never going to be an insurmountable obstacle for her. Ultimately, assisted by a large array of people who would not stand idly by in the face of injustice, the State provided that which was required.

Below are photographs from the occasion of the return of the Barry family.

You can read more about the extraordinary efforts of Vera Twomey by choosing from the menu above.

2017-12-02-Cork-Ava Barry returns
The eventual return of 7 year old Ava Barry to Cork, following extended and difficult campaigning by her mother Vera Twomey to obtain a licence for medicinal cannabis.Fullsize images may be obtained by emailing
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No flash photography for return of of Ava Barry to Cork – Cllr Martin Browne

Councillor Martin Browne of Sinn Féin Tiobraid Árann has asked for any journalists or photographers attending in Cork Airport NOT to use flash photography.

As a result of her medical condition, Ava Barry is photo-sensitive, particularly to bright flashes.

While Ava’s symptoms have improved vastly since her parents Vera and Paul took her to Holland for treatment, the underlying condition remains, and this means that excessive flashes – such as with flash photography – could trigger a seizure.

“It might not, but why would we take a chance?”, is the thought for tomorrow.

Ava and her family are due in around 10:20. Contact Martin Browne for media and other arrangements.

(Flight EI841 delayed

Ava Barry & father Paul Barry.