“Seán Treacy by Skype” – Youngest councillor attacks state policies against youth


Sinn Fein Councillor Lisa Marie Sheehy gave the oration at Sundays annual commemoration of Seán Treacy, in Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary. During her address she compared the heroic deeds of one her own age, with the goings-on of the present-day Irish state.

Finding common cause with Seán Treacy’s age and background, she highlighted some of the policies of the Irish state which discriminate against the young. In particular she drew attention to the state policy of reduced unemployment benefit on grounds of age.


(Cllr Lisa Marie Sheehy (Limerick Co. Co.), delivering oration at Annual Seán Treacy Commemoration, Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary)

As she explained that this policy was ageist, she also pointed out that it’s net effect had been to increase emigration as those that could leave, did leave. To combat this Sinn Féin is fighting for the restoration of full benefits for young people.

She continued, “The man we are commemorating here today fought for an Irish nation free from England, and for a nation that would cherish each of it’s children equally”.

As she went on to explain that, “Seán never got the chance to contribute to building that nation”, she was very clear: the nation he envisaged has not yet been built.

To this end, Sinn Féin last week introduced a Dáil bill proposing that the voting age for most elections should be lowered to 16. Introduced by Brian Stanley TD, the bill would open the opportunity to vote to younger citizens. Viewing the positive participation of 16 year-olds in the recent Scottish referendum, this bill is very timely.

Cllr Sheehy called for a referendum on this matter “as soon as possible” – a call that will undoubtedly upset the conservative parties of Labour, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. The Constitutional Convention recommended this change, but the Government has yet to act on it.

Standing by the grave of Volunteer Treacy, at which Cllr Martin Browne of Cashel had only moments before laid a commemorative wreath, Lisa Marie expressed the view that Seán had compressed much into his 25 short years, including participation in the start of the war of independence.

Looking over the gathering at the well-attended event in Kilfeacle, Lisa Marie sought to answer the question of “what the person being commemorated would think of our country today”?

She reasoned that “going by his age, and his being from rural Ireland, if he was to comment now on our society it would be from a Skype camera in Canada or Australia, or from some other place in the world.

The seeds and buds of young Irish people have been set, but are pushed to blooming elsewhere.

We must reverse this. We NEED to reverse this, because the future of our country depends on young people.”


Tipperary Co. Councillors Seamus Morris, Martin Browne, and David Doran with Lisa Marie Sheehy.


Cllr Martin Browne lays wreath at the grave of Seán Treacy, Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary.

Councillor Seeks Health Cuts Clarification


Sinn Fein Councillor Martin Browne has slammed the government for the crazy cuts in the recent budget, and which are now being implemented by the HSE.

In that budget the Fine Gael/Labour government threatened to cut a further €300 million from the Health Service. Cllr Browne wants the government to clarify which services are being targeted.

He is making this call for clarity about cuts against a backdrop of complaints received from two elderly people who requested transport to hospital appointments in Waterford and Cork. They were turned down. Their families referred the matter to Cllr Browne.

In one of those cases a 78-year old man was in Waterford hospital the day before the budget, when he used the bus ambulance.

His next appointment was the week after the budget, and when he again contacted the bus-ambulance service to arrange transport, he was told that he would have to answer six questions.

He was then asked his age, PPS number and whether he could walk.

When he answered yes to that, the questions stopped. He was informed that because of this he would have to make his own arrangements to get to the clinic. The reason given was that he no longer fitted the criteria for the service.

The man is very unsteady on his feet and it is because of his feet that he attends the clinic.

The other gentleman is a double amputee who attended a clinic in Cork during the week of the budget. He also used the ambulance service to transport him, when they sent out a taxi CAR to bring him to the hospital.

When he received an appointment for the coming week and again tried to use the transport service, his family were now told that he no longer met the criteria because he had been able to use a car the week before.

This man and his family are being punished as a result of the incompetence of the HSE who sent a car instead of a wheelchair-accessible bus on the first occasion.

Sinn Féin Cllr Martin Browne believes that these are not isolated incidents. He is calling on others who find themselves in similar situations to make contact with him.

Cllr Browne slams these measures as penny pinching, and claims that elderly people will miss vital appointments because of these cuts. They will miss the proper medical care they deserve at this stage of their life.

This must be a serious concern for the whole community because it puts some of our most vulnerable citizens at risk.

Adopt A Digger Campaign


Clonmel Sinn Féin continues to stand with the the residents of Clonmel, resisting the introduction of a tax on water.

It is thought that by slowing down the physical installation of meters, the cost to GMC Sierra and Uisce Éireann will become prohibitive. This is because the equipment used and the men operating them are all expensive to deploy for extended periods.

This operation is in support of the wide-spread civil disregard for the Uisce Éireann monopoly.

The extent of that disregard is indicated by todays Irish Independent story, that two thirds of Irish households have not applied to pay twice for their water.

(Such is the disapproval of the formation of the monopoly – and its being foisted on the citizenry by means of a policy of fear and intimidation – that fully 1,000,000 households have not completed and returned the ‘application’ pack. )

Clonmel Sinn Féin have adopted this digger, nick-named Wacky Nuisance, and are keeping a close eye on his friend Snubnose the Heffalump.

DSC_0048 DSC_0018

(Engine-Nerds click here for info about the maasheen)

They got this digger down to about 16 hours per kilometre, which you can see here:

That’s probably the slowest any digger has ever gone. And it’s burning diesel all the time. Not great for the environment, admittedly. But not good for GMC Sierra’s pocket either.

This way the workers are still employed – on nice long hours – but Irish Water will find it’s profit costs them more. We need more people to start doing this.

We challenge you to make a vrooming video showing one of the diggers going even slower.

We challenge you to Adopt a Digger!

It’s a competition!

Clonmel Sinn Féin Stands With Clonmel People

After the first wave of attack on our town by the forces of privatisation, Clonmel still stands strong.

Commencing with a dawn assault on the unsuspecting citizenry of the Cashel Road, GMC Sierra blitzed the Dromard area this week, and then marched on Ard Aoibhinn.


Clonmel Sinn Féin volunteers there applied again a strategy successfully employed in the past. Intelligent obstruction.

By this method, the cost of profiting from water privatisation is raised. This is the only way to discourage profiteering.

The protesters walk very, very – very – slowly in front of the equipment used by the installers.

As long as the protester is moving, the Gardaí won’t interfere. The protest operation is occurring on public property.

After the success of the recent marches, especially the march in Clonmel on Saturday – with attendance approaching 2,000 concerned citizens – the Gardaí fully comprehend the depth of public anger. They know that it is not part of their remit to interfere in peaceful protest.


We encourage the people of Clonmel and Ireland to stand up to this attempt to privatise a substance we cannot live without. Sinn Féin approves of water conservation, but disapproves of water privatisation.


Sinn Féin’s Councillor Catherine Carey and her team stand firmly with the people of Clonmel. You can message Cllr Catherine at the end of this page, or over on her facebook page.



Cllr Catherine will help – please ask!


Councillor Catherine Carey (SF) wants you to know that she can always be contacted if you need help.

Her facebook page is here. Post a message if you wish.

Too many people feel they have nowhere to turn, no friends when they’re at the end of their tether.

Please remember that Cllr Catherine is a fully trained and qualified community nurse. Because of that, you can be certain that she will pay particular attention if your mental health has been harmed by your experience. She sees no stigma in that. She won’t discriminate against you.

She will intercede on your behalf with the state agencies, and start the process of helping you back on your feet.

How do you know Cllr Catherine means this offer? You just look at the date and realise that this is 5 months after an election, and the councillor is still offering to help.

Her facebook page is here. Post a message if you need help.

Or post a message on the end of this page.

Either way, Cllr Catherine will be glad to help.

vroom, vroom – It’s a competition!

“Adopt a digger”

How slow can your digger go?


All participants must be over 18.

Minimum 3 per team.

One person must be designated team leader.

Two people must precede the digger at all times.

Video record must be kept.

Uisce Éireann employees, their family and pets are not permitted to win.


Date and time of video must be kept.

A ‘safe-word’ must be agreed before commencing.

At least 1 person per team should have a ‘Safe Pass’.

No goldfish or other Éisce Éireann may be harmed during filming.


Copyright will be retained jointly between videographer and Sinn Féin, and it’s members.

You’ll need:

A smart-phone and some friends, a sense that this country needs to be fixed, and a healthy disrespect for authority without ability.


Coolness, kudos and credit.

How to enter:

You can leave a message at the end of the page


send an email to pro@clonmelsinnfein.com telling us where your digger is based and what he – or she – is called.

“There’s nothing going to stop Irish Water from moving”?

This is vroomvrooming, or just vrooming.

This is an educational video on how to thwart the efforts of Uisce Éireann (aka Irish Water) while they seek to install water tax meters.

Clonmel Sinn Féin got this digger down to about 16 hours per kilometre. We must get some metre-rods and such like to calculate that correctly.

But it’s probably the slowest any digger has ever gone. And it’s burning diesel all the time. Not great for the environment, admittedly. But not good for GMC Sierra’s pocket either.

This way the workers are still employed, but Irish Water will find it’s profit costs them more. We need more people to start doing this.

We challenge you to make a vroomvrooming video showing one of the diggers going even slower.

And now it’s a competition!