Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann receive major EU award



Much work yet to do in promoting our language and culture – Ní Riada

(Leagan Gaeilge thíos)

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada today praised and congratulated the many thousands of members of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, as the traditional music organisation was presented with the prestigious European Citizen’s Prize.

In closing remarks to those attending the presentation ceremony in the Brú Ború cultural centre in County Tipperary, Ní Riada spoke of the progress that still has to be made in defending and promoting our heritage, culture and language.

Liadh Ní Riada said:

“I want to congratulate each and every member of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. They have earned this prize with their tireless work in teaching our music and promoting our rich culture and heritage across the generations, through branches in every part of Ireland and further afield.

“Comhaltas is a grassroots, non-profit cultural movement that is embedded in communites throughout Ireland, that transfers the skills and knowledge of our music and culture, and inspires respect and pride in our traditions.

“There is a strength that we take from out cultural identity, from our language and our heritage. Our music, song and dance are a central part of that cultural identity, and they tell a lot about our outlook, our experiences and our understandings as a people.

“It is clear, unfortunately, that we still have to defend and assert our culture and identity in the face of an establishment that is at best disinterested, and at worst downright hostile. This much is evident in the absolute dearth of interest and political will that our Government has with regard to our national language, to our arts and to our cultural life.

“There is still much work to be done in defending our cultural heritage and bringing about the Gaeilic renaissance that Pearse dreamed of. Sinn Féin will continue to work for parity of esteem for Irish, for an Irish Language Act in the Six Counties, to support and fund our cultural organisations, and to stand against the retrograde attitude of this Government in relation to Irish.

“We will continue to teach, to create, to play and to speak, because we understand the nature of our strength and our self-reliance as a people. We will continue to live and promote our culture, and in spite of the Government if needs be.”



  • Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann is the largest group involved in the preservation and promotion of Irish traditional music. It is a non-profit cultural movement with hundreds of local branches around the world

  • Each year, the European Parliament awards the European Citizen’s Prize. This prize is intended to be an award for exceptional achievements by citizens or groups that have displayed an outstanding commitment to promoting better mutual understanding and closer integration between citizens or have facilitated cross- border or transnational cooperation within the European Union.

  • Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann were jointly nominated for the award by Irish MEPs Martina Anderson, Lynn Boylan, Matt Carty and Liadh Ní Riada.

  • The ceremony is being held at Comhaltas’ flagship Brú Ború facility at the foot of the iconic Rock of Cashel. There will be an exhibition of music, song and dance in the 250 seater auditorium immediately following the award presentation.

(Leagan Gaeilge Anois)

A lán obair fós le dhéanamh oidhreacht agus cultúr na nGaeil a chosaint – Ní Riada

(English version above)

Ag labhairt i rith searmanas speisíalta ag Brú Ború chun an Dúais Saoránach Eorpach a bhronnadh ar Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, rinne an feisire Eorpach Liadh Ní Riada comhghairdes le Comhaltas as ucht an aitheantas atá tuillte acu sa bhaile agus san Eorap.

Le linn óráid ós comhar an slua i mBrú Ború labhair an feisire de chuid Shinn Féin mar gheall ar an cur chun cinn atá fós le dhéanamh chun oidhreacht, cultúr agus teanga na nGaeil a chosaint.

Dúirt Liadh Ní Riada:

“Teastaíonn uaim comghardeas a dhéanamh le gach uile ball de Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. Tá an dúais seo tuillte acu go léir as ucht an chur chun cinn cheol, cultúr agus oidhreacht na nGaeil atá I mbun ag gach ceann dosna céadta craobhacha acu ar fud na hÉireann agus ar fud an domhain.

“Is gluaiseacht chultúrtha neamhbhrabúis é an Comhaltas agus tá sé lonnaithe go lárnach sa phobail i ngach ceantair in Éireann, ag múineadh ár n-oidhreacht cheoil agus ag spreagadh muinín agus meas dár gcultúr.

“Tá cumhacht ag baint lenár n-ionannas mar Gaeil, lenár dteanga agus lenár gcultúr. Is cuid lárnach iad ár n-amhránaíocht, ár gceol agus ár damhsa dár gcultúr, agus léiríonn siad meon, taithí agus tuiscintí na ndaoine.

“Is léir áfach go bhfuil fós orainn ár gcultúr agus ár bhféiniúlacht mar Ghaeil a chosaint agus dhearbhú in aghaidh na bunaíochta. Tá an méid seo soléir ón easpa suime agus tola atá ag an rialtas i dtaobh an Gaeilge, i dtaobh ealaíne agus i dtaobh an chultúir.

“Tá obair fós le déanamh againn ár gcultúr agus oidhreacht a chosaint, agus athbheochan na nGaeil a chuir i gcrích. Leanfaidh Sinn Féin ar aghaidh ag troid ar son cothrom na féinne don Gaeilge, ar son Acht Gaeilge sna Sé Chontae, ar son tacaíocht agus maonú dár n-eagraíochtaí cultúrtha, agus in éadan an meon meatha atá ag an rialtas i dtaobh na Gaeilge.

“Leanfaimíd ar aghaidh ag múineadh, ag léiriú, ag cruthú, ag caint agus ag seint, mar tuigimíd ár gcumhacht agus ár bhféintuilleamaí mar phobal. Leanfaimíd ar aghaidh a chur ár gcultúr a chur chun cinn, in ainneoin don rialtas más gá. “



  • Is é Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann an grúpa is mó a dhéanann cúram de chaomhnú agus de chur chun cinn cheol traidisiúnta na hÉireann. Gluaiseacht chultúrtha neamhbhrabúis atá iontu agus tá na céadta craobhacha acu ar fud an domhain.

  • Gach bliain bronnann Parlaimint na hEorpa an Dúais Saoránach Eorpach. Bronntar an dúais i dtaobh eachtaí eisceachtúla ó daoine nó grúpaí a bhaineann le chruthú comhthuiscint agus comhtháthú idir saoránaigh, nó le eascú comhoibriú ar bhonn trasteorann nó ilnáisiúnaigh taobh istigh don Aontas Eorpach.

  • D’ainmnigh Feisirí Eorpacha de chuid Shinn Féin Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann le haghaidh na Dúaise. Beidh Martina Anderson, Lynn Boylan, Matt Carty and Liadh Ní Riada i láthair don searmanas. 

  • Tionólfar i saoráid suaitheanta Chomhaltais, Brú Ború ag bun Carraig Phádraig, agus bhí taispeántas cheoil, amhránaíochta agus damhsa ar siúl díreach i ndiadh an searmanaisd. 

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Despite objections, bus route #7 to go


Sinn Féin Tipperary have learned that Bus Éireann route 7 – serving rural Tipperary – is to be axed.

The route was the subject of an application by Bus Éireann to the National Transport Authority (NTA) for changes to the licence. Previously Sinn Féin joined forces with residents of villages in South Tipperary to petition to save the route; however, those changes have now been granted, and in the next few weeks the buses will start to use the motorway to bypass smaller towns and villages.

However, worst-hit may be Carrick-on-Suir, which will no longer have a service to Dublin operated by Bus Éireann.

Cllr Davy Dunne of Sinn Féin has expressed his concern at this downgrading of the amenities and services in the town. He has some time ago asked for the minister to come to Carrick-on-Suir to see the extent of the unemployment there, but no response has yet been received.

He re-iterates his call for minister Bruton to view first-hand the effect that unemployment has had on the town, and warns that this latest barrier to employment will make the town less attractive to employers.

Sinn Féin meantime have written again to the NTA and to Bus Éireann seeking a full statement with clarification of the changes.


Is Cahir being demoted?


Cllr Catherine Carey of Sinn Féin has expressed her concern that, following it’s inclusion in Clonmel Borough District, Cahir is at risk of further demotion within the county.

The Council is at present advertising for collection of Christmas trees at all the usual points around the county – except Cahir. This is the first year it has been excluded in this manner.

“The practice of collection of Christmas trees is a long-standing one, with the collection reducing landfill amounts significantly”, she said.

“It also encourages citizens to purchase the more environmentally friendly natural product, rather than imported plastic ones, knowing that disposal is convenient. Any change to that is unwelcome”, she added.

Council officials have offered no explanation for the exclusion of Cahir from the collection campaign. While there are still two Council yards in Cahir, neither the one in Abbey Street or in the industrial estate will accept trees.

With no obvious reason why the town has been excluded – when it was always included previously – Cllr Carey has expressed her concern that as there is no longer a Council office in the town, “that this latest change seems like a further demotion of this historic town”.

“Apart from inconvenience, when I think of the employment that natural Christmas trees generate in Ireland, I am very wary of any changes such as this, which may encourage Cahir home-owners to return to imported plastic ones”.

That it comes after the inclusion of Cahir in Clonmel Borough District, “is a worrying development” said Cllr Carey.

She calls on the Council to immediately issue instruction to the yards in Cahir to accept the trees, as has been the practice in the past, and to which Cahir residents have an entitlement equal to any other town in the county, and to include Cahir in all future arrangements.