Boston Scientific Jobs Threat Unresolved



Boston Scientific Jobs Threat Unresolved

Cllr Catherine Carey of Sinn Féin has learned that management at Boston Scientific have deferred their deadline for acceptance of the ‘voluntary’ retirement package at their Clonmel plant.

Cashel councillor Martin Browne first drew attention to the planned job cuts, in which 60 older staff members were asked to retire early, with the threat hanging over them that 120 redundancies of their flexi-time collleagues would follow if ‘volunteers’ were not found. The original deadline for acceptance of the deal was April 24th.

Cllr Carey has now learned that this deadline has been pushed back. She understands that this is likely because the 60 volunteers were not forthcoming; it is surmised that this is because the money on offer was simply too unattractive.

The company has offered a maximum of 20,000 to those willing to leave the company. No increase in the amount on offer has been made. The company is enormously profitable, and continues to buy up other companies, including one purchased recently in which the deal included cash up front of approximately 1.4 billion.

In addition, Cllr Carey has learned that the deal is now being offered to all staff, as long as they have 10 years service.

Concern has also been expressed by some staff that when meetings are called no members of the HR department are present to answer questions, and that questions asked via supervisors are not being answered. It has not been made fully clear what effect taking the deal will have on pension entitlements, for example.

Senator David Cullinane – also of Sinn Féin – has learned of the staffing situation, and has indicated his availability to meet with the workers if that will assist them.

Boston Scientific does not permit union representation.


Tipperary shock at Boston Scientific threat of redundancies



Tipperary shock at Boston Scientific threat of redundancies

Cllr Martin Browne of Sinn Féin has expressed his shock upon hearing of threatened redundancies in Boston Scientific in Tipperary. Many of the employees in the Clonmel factory travel from their own home towns across Tipperary for their jobs, meaning that any redundancies will affect a large area.

60 voluntary redundancies of full-time staff are being sought, with the likelihood of 120 flexi-time staff being sacked if the voluntary redundancies do not materialise. The reason cited by the company for the redundancies is a desire to reduce manufacturing costs.

While Boston Scientific is generally regarded as a good employer, it’s pay rates have not kept up with increased costs of living. In real terms, the ordinary staff have not had a pay rise in 4 or 5 years, so it’s fair to say that the workers have done their bit already”, said Martin Browne.

This company is enormously profitable. They bought another company in early March for $1.6 billion cash up front; that’s not the sort of money that a company in trouble can lay their hands on. And that’s not the only acquisition they’ve made in recent times”.

Many of the staff are on flexi-contracts, of 16 hours work per week. That’s only one hour more than most of the Dunnes Stores workers who went on strike last week. Sinn Féin were proud to support the Dunnes Stores workers, striking for respect from their employer, but we can’t help but notice the similarity of contracts here”.

Sustainable employment that allows workers to plan their lives is the long-term solution to Ireland’s employment problems”.

I know that my Sinn Féin colleague in North Tipperary, Seamus Morris, is working hard to generate sustainable increased employment with his sports tourism initiative. Employment from foreign direct investment (FDI) companies like Boston Scientific, is great, but we should remember that their first priority is their shareholders”.

News like this is a reminder that these companies are about profit. This can be seen also from the amounts being offered as redundancy payments in this case, from 20,000 down to 10,000, depending on the age of the worker.

I’m asking that the company reconsider it’s plans, and show greater commitment to it’s Tipperary workforce”, added Cllr Browne, “and that our government engage with the company to ensure the threatened redundancies don’t occur”.