Wet, sore, but still walking, and still determined – Vera Twomey continues

Today’s stage of the walk to gain hope and justice for Ava was from Cahir, County Tipperary, to Cashel.

Today began with Vera herself having to go to a doctor in Cahir. Everyone in the waiting room agreed to let Vera go ahead, so as to not delay her start. Vera is getting wearing out, but the support of ordinary people is keeping her going.

Super thanks to Packie Horan in the Brian Boru in Cashel for providing food.

Please send an email to simon.harris@oir.ie to register your dissatisfaction with how Vera and Ava have been treated.

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9 thoughts on “Wet, sore, but still walking, and still determined – Vera Twomey continues”

  1. Minister, I urge you to provide the medication that Vera and Ava so desperately need. It is a disgrace that a woman has to walk the roads of Ireland just to get medicinal cannabis equality in order to treat her daughter.

  2. For the love of God…give this little child a chance at some quality of life…with the help of the medical cannabis…we havecsuch financial waste in every election and every govt department…it is morally corrupt that this is a discretionary decision to give or not give..it makes me ashamed sometimes to claim i am Irish in this callous land …

  3. Minister are you listening and watching, obviously not!!
    You are supposed to be our Minister for Health… Really?? Well. Prove it. Act please. Ave needs this medication to provide her with some peace and a chance to develop and grow. Her Mum and Dad, Vera and Paul need you to take action now so they can have a break from seeing their daughter suffer so many times a day and not knowing how much damage is being done with each fit. Ava and her siblings are missing their Mom and Dad as they WALK TO. DUBLIN TO TRY AND GET HELP. My God it’s the 21st. century!!! Take Action Minister now.

  4. Minister harris u can wave good bye to votes next time round thats for sure ..if YOU dont get up stand up an get the job done for vera and ava !!! U are supposed to serve ur public ??? An rite now u do nothin say nothin : nothin ! We all have a basic rite to live our lives an live them well … on ur hands be it ….

  5. For god sake give this Child the medicine that she needs if it were one of the governments children that needed it they would have it got long go no questions asked.The parents wouldn’t be put through this.

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