Still going…. Vera is still walking to make Ava well

Vera Twomey is still walking to Dublin. She should complete her 200Km protest walk by Tuesday.

Vera is walking from her home in Cork to the Dáil in protest at the illegality and unavailability of medicinal cannabis for her 7-year old daughter Ava who has Dravet Syndrome.

So far huge kindness has been shown to Vera by everyone along the route, with food and accommodation freely offered, and kind words aplenty.

That stands in comparison to the hollow words of the Minster for Health, Simon Harris. He has not behaved well. Not well at all, and he has wasted this concerned Mum’s time.

Tomorrows route is from Littleton, County Tipperary (starting at 09:15) to Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny. Can you come out and support Vera by walking some of the distance? Vera continues to wear herself out in this huge undertaking, but every good wish gives her strength and hope.

Can you come along, take photographs, and share them to *everyone* in your Facebook to raise awareness of what this Mum must do for her child in the face of an uncaring State? Can you share this link or page to others around our planet? Can you do your bit to draw international attention to the shameful conduct of the Southern ‘Republic’ towards one of it’s youngest citizens?

Or can you send an email to to point out how disappointed you are that he has so far not heeded the request of a Mum who wants her child to be well?

If you’ve already sent an email, then thank you; but have you received a reply? If not… send again. Please.

What Vera wants for 7-year old Ava is perfectly legal, safe, and acceptable in other European states, and on most of the continent of North America and Canada!

Below is the route for Friday 3rd of March, starting at 09:15 from the National School in Littleton.

(Yesterdays update is here)(The next days update is here)

Some photos of leaving Cashel at 09:30 on Thursday:

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In Littleton at the end of another day.

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7 thoughts on “Still going…. Vera is still walking to make Ava well”

  1. here the pleases of this mother she knows what’s best for her child well done Vera

  2. Omg disgraceful all that womans time is precious with her sick child and she has to do this with it Im so angry

  3. More commitment in her little finger than all the political wasters in the country.
    They make me ashamed to be Irish. ……yet again.

  4. Health service a disgrace…Simon Harris is heartless…how would he like it if it was a child in his family….we will remember this in the next election.

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