Minister fails, Ava waits, Vera walks, citizens angered

When a 5-year old girl has a heart attack, you know something’s seriously wrong with her.

When a 30 year old can do something about it – but won’t – there’s something really, worryingly, and disturbingly, wrong with him.

Join the march on Tuesday? Or email the 30-year old at – please. Tell him you don’t approve of how Vera Twomey and her daughter Ava Barry have been treated by the State.

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6 thoughts on “Minister fails, Ava waits, Vera walks, citizens angered”

  1. Our government should be Shamed of demselfs. Wit everything dat is going on in Ireland an to let a woman mother walk an beg for help like this it totally wrong I for one. Think everyone should stand with this lady at government building we need to wake up everyone.

  2. It’s a disgrace a child should be given what ever it takes to help them shame on the government,

  3. The Pharmaceutical Companies make billions of pounds a year.They would rather feed you poisonous chemicals that may cure or help one problem but causes another, or finish you off!!. Marijuana is proven to work very well on numerous health conditions. The problem being is they don’t want it legalised as they won’t be making much money from all the other drugs they manufacture and sell for high prices. Stand together and fight the pharmaceutical giants as Ministers are only puppets . Vera has at least made a stand. Please let Vera’ s voice be heard and help her save her daughter from the pain she endures.

  4. You should be ashamed ministers how many children’s blood do you want on your hands how you can look in the mirror every morning is beyond me

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