Tipperary Health Campaign Only Beginning – Ciara McCormack

Ciara McCormack, Sinn Féin’s General Election Candidate for Tipperary, speaking at the Referendum count centre in Thurles last Saturday, said:

“I would like to thank all those who participated in the campaign to afford Irish women compassionate and comprehensive health care.”

“The people of Tipperary have come out and voiced their opinion in a resounding fashion to repeal the 8th, many people have campaigned for decades on this issue and their enormous contribution has to be recognised.”

“The simple fact is that the constitution was never the place to legislate for the intricacies of individual medical cases and finally this mistake is being corrected, this was primarily a key victory for women’s health in the 26 counties.”

“Tipperary has proven today that we can fight for and enact positive social change, that we can change our county and change it for the better.”

“Now all that energy, passion and commitment most to be put towards all of the other failing mechanisms within our Health and Mental Healthcare system, especially the ongoing Smear test scandal.”

“It is totally unacceptable the predicament that Tipperary women were left to languish in after this scandal broke. Support centres had to be set up from emergency funding from the Irish Cancer Society in Suaimhneas Cancer Support Centre in Nenagh to accommodate women in crisis over fears that they may be next.”

“The callous vote on the Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill [Seanad]2017 on the 8th of November last year most be condemned in the strongest manner. The Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael ‘de facto’ coalition voted to deny HSE patients the legal guarantee to open disclosures by changing the legal text from ‘shall’ make disclosures to ‘may’ make disclosures.”

“All patients within our healthcare system deserve dignity and justice and the highest quality care, the injustice of the 8th has been righted through referendum, it’s about time the architects of the dysfunctional HSE were held to account at the ballot box.”

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