Brexit negotiations and the Irish Presidential elections


A senior source in the Republican movement has said: “The failure to progress in Brexit negotiations imposes a much, much, greater responsibility on Irish voters in the upcoming elections for president. The IRB continue to monitor progress in both.”

“The legitimacy of the 26 county ‘Republic’ has always been open to question, and any change in it’s position or status has implications for it’s mandate to operate.”

“Brexit is the single most destabilising event in Europe in two generations. Any change in the border or the relations of the parties across it is a serious, serious matter. The potential threat to peace is not just on this island, but to all of Europe.”

“The Irish people have to decide who is the person most likely to represent them honestly when all the other structures fall.”

“The single biggest advantage that Liadh Ní Riada has is that she naturally thinks in Irish. Not only is she of the island, but she thinks in the natural honest and unaffected way that the island was long known for. This is because she doesn’t just speak the tongue native to the island when there’s a TV camera about as some do, she thinks in it.”

“When Brexit removes the mandate of the Irish Free State to operate the citizens of it can have only 1 of the 6 contestants for the office; the wiser voter knows that the Irish language takes official precedence over the English language, and realises that the aims of Irish composer Seán Ó Riada lives on in the thoughts of his daughter, agus na smaointe sin as Gaeilge.”

“Bíonn sí fíor deacair bréag a insint as Gaeilge, uaireanta.”

“It’s a lot harder to lie in Irish, than it is in English.”

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